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Welcome to Prosthetic Solutions

Prosthetic Solutions is improving the lives of amputees by giving them the chance to participate in an active life style with state of the art prosthesis.

We strive for the highest standard of patient care by providing a team approach to their rehabilitation. We believe that the more involved the patient's doctor, physical therapist and family become, the better care the patient receives.

Bay Area Fitness for Life Clinics:  New Programs for 2017!

Are you content with your level of activity with your prosthesis?  Whether you are seeking to get out of your chair to walk with confidence, learn strategies that will allow you to resume activities you love to do with your friends and families, seek to improve your overall health through fitness training and activity, or find an avenue for elite training, this program is designed to meet your needs! Developed in partnership with the Amputee Walking School in New York, these programs are a multi-faceted approach that incorporates peer to peer training, encouragement, community building, and challenges to meet your needs and desires. 


Fitness for Life: Amputee Walking School.  *** Due to road issues and flooding from the storms, Our Walking School has been on hiatus.  Our next event will be the Sport and Running Clinic on April 22nd at The Foundry. Please note that there will also be Walking School opportunities available at this Saturday clinic.  Please see the details, including location below.*** Please watch website and Facebook for further updates.  The next Amputee Walking School  will be May 18, 4:45 - 6:15 PM in our Santa Clara location, please see the link. These classes are open to anyone who would like to improve their prosthetic functional control, face new challenges, or mentor new amputees.  Fitness for LIfe Amputee Walking School.

Bay Area Amputee Sport and Running Clinic  Winter clinic at Foundry Sports in Redwood City, April 22nd, 10 AM - 2PM.  Check out the pictures and videos on Facebook.  The Amputee Sport and Running program is an extension of our Fitness for Life clinics.  This quarterly clinic is intended to give the participant the opportunity to return to or try new sports, fitness routines, and running.  This is a great place to meet other active amputees, check out The Foundry if interested in further training, and get connected to programs such as CAF, sailing, surfing, paralympic training, and triatholons, that are offered throughout California.  Age and ability are not a factor, all are welcome!          Bay Area Sport and Running Clinic.

Our clinics are open to all amputees and rehab profressionals who are seeking and opportunity to learn new and advanced techniques for increasing functional prosthetic control.   These free clinics are led by a licensed therapists and trainers who have trained with amputees for over 10 years. Please contact our Santa Clara office for more information and updates.

Amputee Yoga  Lindsay Moorehead is our Certified Iyengar Yoga instructor.  She had been introduced to Yoga as a teenager but after becoming a bi-lateral below knee amputee, she found she was intimidated by the difficulty of the standing poses. After discovering Iyengar Yoga which incorporates the use of props to modify poses, she began the process of certification. She now practices 4 to 5 days a week in addition to her home practice. "I have learned so much about myself through the practice of yoga.  Our bodies are amazing, resilient, and capable of so much. Yoga is fun and truly for everyone!" - Lindsay.       Please contact our Santa Clara office if you have interest in this program. Cost is $10 for group classes, $25 for a semi-private lesson, and $50 for private lessons. Classes are 75 minutes.  

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