All our below knee prostheses feature state of the art technology guaranteed to provide greater strength while maintaining ultra light weight. Materials include carbon graphite, ultra light plastics and titanium. While providing patients with total surface bearing modifications, they can utilize the entire surface of their residual to both support weight and force; while protecting any bony prominence and increasing energy levels. Inner face materials such as mineral oil, silicone, urethane, and suction liners are used to increase positive suspension and residual limb protection.


Prosthetic Solutions is considered to be the best transfemoral prosthetics practice in the bay area. We are trained to offer several types of fluid control knee units - each individually matched to our patient's needs. Our above knee technologies include the C-leg, a microprocessor controlled knee system that measures the knee and ankle motion 50 times per second and the NS/NA (natural shape / natural alignment) with Ischial containment. Current technology in silicone suction sockets, total contact and Ischial containment sockets provide energy efficiency and comfort. We also offer unique Fitness & Training.